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Biomass Dryer, Agro Waste Dryer, Waste Dryers, Mass Dryers

Biomass Dryer, Agro Waste Dryer, Biomass dryer for pallet manufacturing process

Biomass dryer for pallet manufacturing process.

After drying from our supplied biomass dryer moisture level below 20%.

We are using best technology in which biomass dry with using optimize energy.

We are in business of manufacturing of saw dryer / agro waste dryer.
If you have require bio mass dryer for pellet manufacturing process for that please specify following things.

1. The capacity of bio mass dryer in Ton per Hour.
2. Which heat source / fuel you want to use? - Hot air / diesel / Thermic oil
3. Detail technical specification of bio mass.
A. Which agriculture waste product you want to use.
B. Name any forest waste if you want.
C. Size of bio mass in length and thickness in millimeter.
D. Moisture in biomass before drying and after drying.
4. Other specified requirement if any at your end.



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